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Commercial Fans

Kickass Fans commercial range have high air volume and with extremely efficient operating costs. Reduce Energy Costs with High-Volume Low-Speed Fans (HVLS Fans)

Industrial Fans

Kickass Fans industrial fans are big and powerful. Safety is foremost for these HVLS fans. Reduce Energy Costs with High-Volume Low-Speed Fans (HVLS Fans)

Residential Fans

Kickass Fans create design features to suit to modern Architectural view. Full range of colour selection and new modern features design.

Pole Fans

Kickass Fans exclusive Pole fans range offer Big Air all year round. Reduce Energy Costs with High-Volume Low-Speed Fans (HVLS Fans)

Choose High Performance HVLS Fans

We supply and install powerfully silent Kickass fans – the most advanced and efficient HVLS Fans (High- Volume  Low-Speed Fans).

Do you need a practical ventilation solution for your space? Give us a call at 0879125125 and we will be happy to discuss your needs. To ensure an effective ventilation solution that meets your particular needs, invite us to inspect your facility. We will then use our years of experience and expertise to advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Call us at 0879125125 today!

Kickass HVLS Fans are the perfect solution for airflow and ventilation. By concentrating air to travel straight down and then disperse when it hits the floor, the long, slow-moving blades ensure controlled air movement. No matter what application you are looking to cool, the benefits of an HVLS fan manifest well in terms of comfort and cost savings. Choose large ceiling fans with us.

HVLS fans are quiet and budget-friendly. Request a free quote for your Silent Fans now! Nothing is beyond our expertise. Whether it is commercial, industrial or residential, we provide the best advice with excellent customer service. We provide customers the quality installation they deserve. Enjoy extreme comfort with top quality Quiet Fans with us today!

Energy-efficient HVLS Fans

HVLS Fans are low-maintenance designs, making the advantages of HVLS technology accessible to a wide range of facility sizes and application types. By enhancing airflow, HVLS fans regulate internal temperatures to such a degree that heating and cooling costs go down.

Large spaces need large size fans. HVLS fans are a necessary element for any business with a large footprint, not only because of how important high volume air movement is to the effective operation of your company, but also because it is associated with improved productivity statistics for employees. Properly managed airflow makes employees more comfortable, which translates into higher productivity, improved morale, and better health. Feel free to contact us anytime for HVLS fans installation. Find full range of colour selection and modern features design with us.

Each HVLS fan with large blades in your space reduces your overall costs and is an essential component of any HVAC design. Contact us today for energy-efficient silent fans. Call us at 0879125125 now!

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